Our Teams

YK Galaxy offer programs for U7 through U17 age groups. Most age groups have two teams within the age group. At the beginning of each season, players are placed on teams for the appropriate age and division that best meet their soccer development needs.

1. Galaxy Juniors

U7 & U9:

At this age, fun and physical literacy is at the forefront of the soccer experience. Consequently, the program introduces children to the fundamental principles of soccer through fun and engaging games. We support them in learning the basics such as ball control, passing, dribbling and running with the ball. This is an optimal window for trainability of speed, flexibility, and skills.

U11 & U13:

Practice sessions focus on developing good technique while challenging players mentally and physically. Technical training also focus on building a greater repertoire of soccer-related movement as players begin physical and technical development. As well, fitness becomes important as a means of achieving strategic understanding of soccer.

2. Galaxy Seniors


This is a more advanced age group where players’ expansion and refinement of technical ability and tactical awareness become paramount. Practice and training is geared towards improving decision making under pressure while challenging players to understand their roles individually and as part of a team.


Players are approaching maturity. Attacking players learn how to play against stronger, faster and more aggressive defenders. On the other hand, defenders learn to play against attackers who are more instinctive and efficient in front of the goal. Training sessions are designed to prepare athletes for these eventualities.
YK Galaxy provides additional support to players who plan on playing in college or university.

3. Galaxy Adult League Men & Women’s Team

The Galaxy Adults’ team plays in the Yellowknife Adult Soccer League. The team regularly participates at the annual Canada Men’s National Tournament. This is the highest inter-jurisdictional tournament in Canada and provides an opportunity for our young players to showcase their talent. Preparations start in April till October every year. We offer high-intensity training in preparation for the tournament.